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I’m 22 but the story started almost 3 years. Then I was 19 years old, finely built guy, athlete, popular in society, I had a girlfriend who was then 17 years old. We spent plenty of time together, what with her or with me. Our parents have otherwise been good friends. One evening at her home, a little more we drank and breathed into a joint, horsing around and being stupid like many times before that.

At one point I suggested that we put on her clothes and make-up to me. I agreed without thinking, it is important whether the SC has some fun and laugh. I put on my black lace thong of her, just like it grinds, put on my socks with garters and a red skirt. Up’m wearing white silk shirt and on her feet and black leather high-heeled booties for.

I have otherwise rather long blond hair and makeup when he himself could not recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I kind of like it myself at the time and if I was in that moment that I was dumb themselves admit. Made me that I walk pos ordinary, and so in all this jokingly, suddenly said little so you’re good, I’ll slug you tonight. To me, it just felt good but I was ashamed and a bit.

But when I approached the next moment and when I caught hell for, only then I realized how much I was excited. Slowly, he dropped to his knees slowly taking off my skirt and panties, as she arrived to put my dick in your mouth and it a couple of times drawn in and pull out and I’m already in the next moment filled her mouth and outgoings in the face when he pulled out. We were really fired up, we moved to the bed and we continued to kiss and cuddle. All the way we were stained sperm.

We’d been installed in a pose 69. As we so orally satisfying, at one point I started to finger Drasko cmaric and occasionally licking it. At the first touch of her tongue and fingers penetrating month dick was tvrad like a stone. She was so horny she could barely stammered fuck me baby.

She turned on her back raised her legs on my shoulders and cried quietly let me immediately, his father it deep inside. I entered her clearance, fiercely by pushing her. Again I pushed a finger into cmaric and started at the same pace that we stickin like I’m there. It was not long and we started svrasavamo mortar not at the same time.

First, it started to blow his load, all the shaking from the orgasm that caught her. Just a few seconds later and I started to empty into it, spilling the seed deep into her womb. I collapsed next moment beside her, kissed her, and so breathless and cuddled soon fell asleep. In the morning when I woke up it took me a long time to gather impressions of stormy night.

Definitely from that night nothing was the same !!! If you want to hear the rest of the story and my experience feel free to write. I would not bother if you are not comfortable with taking these quotes.

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Hello my name is Uros wife Ivana. My fantasies have come true one day. We fantasized about both, but we tried and we wanted. I suggested she call the second bath which she wanted for a long time but I would have gone for half an hour and suddenly they were alone as my chance comes up something. I called a friend who is it really convenient and above all a great womanizer but also married so that discretion was unquestionable. I call him to come over and have a cup bath and arrives on the wife is that all the makeup arranged otherwise very pretty slim with small breasts but sexy and rights in appearance whore. He sat down with us and we drink coffee and talk and tell him jbg phone’s ringing must occur, otherwise the entire time they were looking at it directly on shy and tell them I’ve got something to the city that’s me for half an hour will wait another on some but assure him I will now quickly. I go out of the room and quietly go back to the door of the room quietly and watch the keys they will the two of them sat talking it nothing special and then my sweet woman first went past the coffee accidentally by his pants she apologizes that he is not anything she says to him ah Take your pants I’ll get you Uros pants let him supporters but she went to the closet and he says where I can download it and it and there is no one and we do not mind, and he went off and then everything moves as he stood in his underwear waiting Pants my little woman came up to him and looking at him all the way close to me has been lifted just watching and she kissed him while his hand ointment therapy through underwear on the burial and looking with a kiss and returning to step back and say come to Uros she said to him, will not and continue to pamper him they kissed for a long while she cuddled his corner that has been raised and slightly sources underwear and she then knelt pull him and began smoking heavily all I watched and enjoyed, it was left, and continue to love on her slowly began shirt Removable and both began to take off and when they began to remove the kissing her neck bare chest as she looked beautiful lie while he loves and can not wait to put it in a soup that was already wet and put it to her so without a condom and began to pound at the same time kissing she screamed and turned her head toward the door, knowing that I’m looking through the wreck. I enjoyed and he then turned on the butt and began to fuck her ass with cotton wool ma rabbit and a spanking is accelerating while she screamed, and then it is removed from its sweet folk and began profusely ends you on the butt and spreadable on her butt on speed they dressed, and sat down and continued drinking coffee soon I ‘returned’ pretending that nothing I do not know we had a coffee and went on while he’s gone then we can by yourself but you never doLlkraće because we were excited …. story is true, and one of my first enjoy.

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I could not imagine that one day I would sleep with her. Not because of her unattractiveness, because it really was not a pretty woman, but because I have never been attracted to older ladies, and especially my neighbors that I saw daily soiled and rumpled her digging into her flower garden.
When he bent over the beds of her large breasts were clicked at and swung the arm movements, and cunt is swollen in old tights, which are incidentally had a big hole between your legs. Through it they noticed white pants, for which I had never dared to imagine what they look like. Already a little gray hair, though she had a lot more than fifty years, is tied in a high ponytail.

Dividing us is only a fence of green network, and since then on it was a door which we crossed to each other. She had a husband, and I never even saw some of the men around her. Unlike her, I have been happily married, never had children, and my wife was one of the best pussy in town. I was proud of that, although I consumed by jealousy. He often was absent because of his work, and I imagined the arms of another and madness I do almost unconscious.
But to go with the story. On that Saturday morning, I washed his car in the yard, but the woman was in, but I do not know that by the weekend on a business trip. By nostrils snuck up the scent of barbecue and I looked around for where I came from. Under the roof vrtlarnice my neighbor turned the juicy steaks. I heard the familiar sounds of the stomach and prayed to God to call me. And so it was.
– Anthony, is to chop? – Invited me and I’m a little nećkajući works decency gladly accepted the invitation.
– Sit down, dear, here cold beers … – with chops and keeping the conversation I had four beers and I found that it more attractive. Handkerchief he wiped the sweat from large breasts whose nipples are each time coming out of some over-neckline dress-shirts. When she moved her legs, she showed me her swollen pussy clenched in pink panties. She took it and, as a result of its open behavior.
– Then the neighbors, to sex life? Was dry, as I have? – Such a man as you should want to fuck every day.
Undid the two buttons and freed his big, but firm breasts.
– So I can not complain, but a good hump never enough – I said, sipping the last drop but lukewarm beer.
– Ah, good food, drink and fuck, man tire out. The first two have, and how from fucking nothing, can offer you a nice cup of coffee – stretched and held hands for breast gently crushing them.
– Yes, I could, of course … – I murmured without taking his eyes off of her hands. She noticed it and spread her legs, and they picked up on my chair.
– Right away, dear, you’re just a little blow it away. Does not bother you? – I hardly listened as I stared at the panties that outlined exactly connect labia in thick buns. Her feet were clean-shaven and tanned. I had never studied, but now I’m excited.
I began to fondle her feet and more, until I slid my fingers into her panties and began to play their hair. She said nothing, but is more spread legs, raskopčavši dress to end. She had no bra, a white breast were squandered like watermelon. She had a flat stomach, tanned, it was clear evidence that sunbathing in a two-piece dressing costume. I slumped back in his chair and took off his loafers. Then my legs lifted up her chest and feet began to fondle nipple. Licked his lips and suddenly just said:
– Let’s go.
She lifted swiftly and took me by the arm, dragged me into a small vrtlarnicu full of tools, hoses and watering flowerpot. Without a word, she lay down on the bag with the country that lay in the corner. She took off her panties and left legs spread in anticipation. I stood over her and threw off all her clothes. She stared at my dick and suddenly sat down, her arms wrapped around him and started him eagerly pull in the mouth. I stood rooted and watched her flowing hair, which was so soft and beautiful that I wondered why I never noticed. My hands clutching the eggs, and I was more stuffing in her mouth. She felt closer to my climax, because suddenly picked up and my hands wrapped around her neck and her legs around his waist. She was light and when I zapičio in her tough chick I have included below the ass, lifting her to the rhythm. We fucked for a long time and I could not believe that that does not come. I was excited and felt closer to the spraying, but took me some crazy power, and I was still stuffing. Suddenly he let his hands and sjašila with my hard cock, knelt to the ground and offered me his ass. It was an exciting and beautiful, what surprised me again, but I had no time to think. I dropped down and gently pulled my dick in her anus. My wife is suited to everything, but in such a sex ever. Slowly I crawled, as she slipped her fingers into the hole pussy, and then began frantically rubbing Venus brežuljčiću, on the ledge of his passions. After a while, she had pulled out a dick from anus and dragged him down squeezing my balls. Rammers itself hitting the ass while her breasts tugging on a dusty floor. I came explosively, and she quickly wriggled and pushed it between her breasts and pulling him further. I fucked her slit and she licked me swallowing thick liquid. Then she kissed the glans, slapped on the buttocks, mumbling:
– Beat it! It was great!
– No, I was great, I did not imagine this.
She interrupted me and handed me a shirt. I dressed in silence, and when I wanted to kiss her goodbye, she turned her head.
– It would not be good. This is how we have treated yourself to a moment of pleasure and so it shall be. I enjoyed myself, and I hope you are.
Stormed out, the fly buttoning dress. When I came out, she was gone. I opened the door and went back into the yard. I continued to wash the car constantly glancing towards her home, but that day has not appeared.
I thought about it and I did not understand how it happened after our long acquaintance. There were occasions when we could fuck her, but never to any one of us wanted. As we now feel such an appeal? Beer? We will see.
After a few hours sleep and shower, I sat back in front of the TV and got my wife. On the door is thrown at me, kissing me, and I have all the time in front of him saw a dirt floor and a neighbor to suck my dick. I tried to relax, but I could not get an erection.
– Kitty, and do not you want me? – Nuzzling my dearest and kissed my neck, and I’m remembering more invoked fucking vrtlarnici, and when I finally shoved the wife, I imagined a fat neighbor. I came quickly, but she was happy just to cover the garment, and dozed off from exhaustion.
The next morning I could hardly wait to get out of the neighbor’s yard. I quietly went down the stairs while her husband was asleep. I opened the door fences and snuck into her yard. He just moved behind the garage and I followed.
– Morning! – I strained. – All night thinking about you and I want to fuck you.
– Anthony, you’ve got to forget it. You have a wife, you’ll soon get the kids, and coexistence would be impossible if we fucked every day. We will be one together, I promise you. But now forget and live their lives as before.
– I know it’s inconvenient, we too close, but let me get laid once again, please, at least give you lick it, feeling you … I have a dream of what … please … – I was mad with desire and I knew it, but more nothing else mattered. I could fuck her that much and my wife standing beside us.
– No, it would not be wrong … go … I can not give in … – she said quietly and went into the house, closing the door.
Since then, the last week, and I still want the same. Fewer have sex with her husband, and even though I know that we share a year, my neighbor is the only one I really want.
– Please, if you read this, let me know. I will not jeopardize the marriage, but I will only way to save. I want to lick, love, fuck, but I will watch that no one ever finds out, to keep it a secret just for the two of us. Call me please, my wife went for a week. Let’s get together at least when it is not. I want you, I want to

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It was summer vacation. Nice weather, sun, sea. All of these things are nagoeštavale that something good happen.
Otherwise, my name is Christian, I have 17 years and I’m from Belgrade. Had a nice built, girls like me, I think a real charmer. But there is one problem
. I have never been with a girl. In July we went to Budva view. It was a family trip.
Went seven of us: Mom, Dad, Aunt Barbara, her husband, another aunt Mary, her husband and me. My aunts and their sister that. my mother were beautifully built, all had big boobs but my mother was by far the most beautiful ass. When we arrived in Budva we went to unpack things, take a shower and rest.
It’s been a while and I went to take a shower. In the bathroom I found Aunt Mary. Mmm showered up, had her back to me. Something happened to me.
I could not believe that I’m off to my aunt. She took the soap and shoved it right up her pussy and began to push him faster and faster.
sighed he. My knees were buckling. I had never seen live naked woman. I accidentally hooked her purse.
They fell out red lace thong and bra. I tried to pick up. But noticed me and turned around. I stared at her enormous breasts.

She laughed. “I was a little how long you stand there and watch me.” I did not know what to say. I kept silent and I held tightly to hell.
She laughed again. ‘S because you saw me stick my soap in my pussy.
I want to hear a little secret. my husband I can not satisfy the way I want, so I have to cope as best we can.
So you’re not this tell anyone ”
. I just nodded and ran out of the bathroom. I never stopped to think about it. Later that.
evening we went to the beach all. It was nice.
hot water . sunset.
And a light breeze
. Male part of our team but me went home. They were tired of the times I went to sleep. I stayed with my aunt and with Kev.
They told me to go a little further to swim and took the mattress. I stayed on the beach and sitting. They went too far gone
. And I was just wondering what they’re doing.
Dad forgot his binoculars at the beach. He is a big voyeur and likes to watch with binoculars on a nudist beach, which is a little further than this our own.
I took it and looked right at them. It’s just that my heart does not care.
Barbara was licking pussy my mom, and Mary pounded her tongue into her mouth. I began to masturbate.
Now they are replaced. Barbara climbed on the mattress, her aunt Mary was swallowed tits. Rammers is her huge boobs in her little mouth
. The mother dived. I did not know why. After a few seconds he emerged with elongated stone in his hand and pushed him down Aunt Barbara.
I started here I go in abnormal koičinama. It is unfortunately lasted a few minutes.
When they came I asked them what they worked so long in the water. “We tried out the magic of the sea,” said my mother. We picked up things and headed home. I and Aunt Mary, we izvdojili.
“This how to tell you. but I found someone’s sperm on my sweats when I was getting dressed at the beach and I tried it, I can safely say that is not my husband, was too cute.
What do you think about that
. if you know something.
“Said the aunt. I tried to pretend I have no idea what it was and hurried home. That evening I just jerked off dick I thought about what was happening in this day
. In the morning, he called me a friend and asked if I had finally removed his innocence, and some other intimate things that talk about how much I INNOCENT !!! I did not know that this conversation tapped my aunt.
I went to the beach. while the aunt pretended plan to take away my innocence.
“That’s Barbara how such a nice guy and has never been with a girl.” “Might have a small dick,” said Aunt Mary.
“However, I do not know . you want to check, and as the Oils (my mother) told to fuck with him all day just to know that he wants “.
“All right, tomorrow morning they all go in the bar, and we will try that he does not know, and we will find some excuse. And so it was.
That morning we were in the house me and my horny aunt. I was upstairs when I called my aunt to come down with them. We were watching TV, and one of Mary switched channel to porn. I pretended not to be interested.
. But they noticed that my dick started.
It was the average of 16 cm. Ždrale him sight. “Uh that’s hot in here, I’ll have to take my clothes off,” she took off her shirt, under which she was not wearing a bra, and tight tracksuit. Barbara remained only in a thong.
It’s the same thing and Mary but removed completely
. I pretended that I was relaxed and not paying attention to them. I asked them what this means. They laughed.
Mary came up to me and pulled me my young cock of 16cm and put it right in her little mouth. I could not believe what’s happening.
The feeling was phenomenal. Hammered on it until the end. Barbara I pushed her huge boobs in my mouth. I devoured them.
I started here I go and my aunt choked as she swallowed some of my sperm. Other that is not swallowed by Barbara spat in her mouth and she swallowed it.
It made me terribly horny. I totally relaxed.
I caught Barbara and lifted it on the table. He spread her legs and started to impale her horny my dick into her small, hot, tight pussy.
I took off her panties, but I’m over it rammed my dick. She started screaming lunatics “aaaaah to it to JAČEEE !!! horny aunt boys push it but my not stop MMMMM AAAA “I tore up her thong while I rammed her dick. Lego’m on the table and she herself began to jump. Screaming is abnormal.
What makes me very horny. Mary came over and started licking her clit while I was jumping on dick. We started to end up in streams. Mary through taking auntie juices and my sperm.
I said I need to get some rest but they were relentless. Now Mary wanted to fuck her.
She jumped on me. She made a string And she told me that her push dick from behind in the kitty. When she did the splits as he stretched cunt that I could not believe how narrow was. It was harder to wet the juices themselves started to leak out of her pussy.
I walked faster to impale her. “Aaaa pain meeee.
mmmm continue please continue aaaaaa aaaahhh tooo stud fuck his aunt as the last kurivicu disperse the aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “she told me to get it out and that her purpose in mouth
. but I could not help her get fucked hard. I came into it. I filled her pussy.
as sweaty and naked we went to bed and cuddle up. Suddenly the door opened and in walked my mother.
Aunts have gone up to keep it from going and to tell everyone what she saw. “Fools and on you kind And still my son, as you no shame”. Aunts is surrounded say their breasts. She looked at me and saw my erect dick.
It’s as if she is horny. She turned my back and started to go, but her aunt did not give that away. I approached her from behind and quickly took off her dress, below did not have anything, I shoved her kuram of 16 cm by the end of the ass. I just heard a scream.
I stopped and asked if she was okay. She said quietly, “not mine to cease dismantle my ass” had a huge round soft ass. L’ve got the So it fast scoring. “Aaaaaa aaaaa pain to stop, please stop,” I did not want.
But I was even more moved to push it. Aunt Barbara pushed her fingers in the pussy.
it is almost stuffed whole hand
And Mary her cunt crammed in her mouth and started to blow his load on her
. And Aunt Barbara broke away from me and my mom and started to push njin perfume in her pussy. She came and she screams with incredible satisfaction. Even my mom pushed my dick in her tight anus.
when he started to cum stuck her head in the pillow because I scream so hard that the neighbors could hear us. When it was all over, we made it as if nothing had happened.
When I came home in the bg I was no longer virgin!

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Somehow the nineties in many ways in my memory as the madness and lost godina.MOzda, but I remained in my memory and in my odrstanju and first experiences.
I live in the countryside, then with his parents in a big local kuci.Moji the teachers or teach in the local primary skoli.Deda worked then many of the country and we had a lot krava..i today I do.
NO, it’s not important …
Dad’s sister, my aunt, a woman then in 35 years, pretty brunette, also a professor, sharp and severe, she came with her husband to the visitors in the summer right from vacation in Montenegro … and then I was with them, and then I had seen wonderful auntie legs, beautiful not too big but solid sisa..uh … .from so many beautiful women she is the most beautiful and hiding itself, an orgasm at her …
And that day she came in kartkoj dress that is all discovered, and I could not hide from the house pogled..pobegao I just do not think of her.
In the evening, as always, my running and my dad were lo-cal breakfast rakijstine and dragged on endlessly their political debates, mixed with hunting stories and vulgar taunts my aunt and mother ..
It’s strange to me as my mom and aunt that night saws vino..pile are much vina.Pocele are those banging stupidity mocking men to just talk and that and not some jebaci..i that rolled etc ..
Kris I listened and perversion from the room constantly peering and staring at his aunt’s body …
Finally, there was time sleep ..
My parents had a room on the ground floor and my sister’s room and as a guest on the floor …
Silence, only the night rural sounds and snoring flows are abusive muk..Isunjao I was out of the room and jerked, I decided I had to see my aunt in a dream ..
I walked quietly into the room and almost no onesvstih …; tec is lying on his back at one end of a large bed and aunt only in panties on his stomach on the second … .Blago spread legs betrayed pussy that was reflected on the SVTL street lampe.Prisao I bluntly put his hand on my butt tetkice.Trljao I was, clutching, cuddle and cried fingers approached crotch … nothing happens and aunt sleeps like top..Zavukoh finger under her panties and slowly opened the lips of the vagina and rubbed hot macu.bila is wet and warm and I also like running strecnuh of satisfaction and kitsch gets out underpants and could be ready to svrsavanje … Nabih finger and pussy and slowly out there and Gurah vadih.Neidrzivo..polako off her pants and I checked whether asleep … and then she maximum spread noge..Ukaza the starvican scene … even remember him in detail … a beautiful picture of my aunt and her pussy … Slowly hardly be accommodated without having to lie down nju..ugurah her musk and fearing that he wakes up, but why not move out it and I began to feel bad that the rhythm and take out … I could not dugo..svrsih on her buttocks and ran outside to come inside … The silence, I stepped back and all the way as I left, I wish I could pull over her panties but when I piokusao her they pull over, she promeskoji and something probulazni I utrnuh, however, it was all in her dream but she turned on her side turning towards my butt tece..problem is what I was between njih..i never breathed while I was not sure I spavaju.Zauzeo fetus position and aunt and I waited to make sure spava.I when I wish I could stand up, it is even closer zalepeci for me Amoy mouse right between her guzova.Obuze afraid, are now and then I felt her hand on my hip and then my grip dots in her hands and routing directly into macu.Tonuo’m in despair and aunt are hammered on the rising wave of musk and all dublje.Uhvati my hand and put it on her breast and I began to knead and all the madness, if she knows what she’s doing, and who is now in krevetu..ali ane I stopped and I was jebah crazier and sweeter, and she turned and naguzi up and I and I began to fuck her even harder but all to the tisini..i she sobbed quietly but not utter anything …
Twisting like a snake and I grabbed her buttocks and cheeses them as if they want to strip the Nabi to the hilt my top, as the Greeks Ostih, stiffen and eventually fell on my stomach and I svrsih on her butt and LEGOH little to nju..ona chirped: that was awesome Milos.
Uh..Milos my tec … .plako get out of the room and the roar in my bed ..
Tomorrow’s aunt lovingly staring at my TECU and more in love than I’ve ever been in my aunt

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My name is Nicholas and I have 19 years and I will describe one of his event which change the whole my life
I came back from school one day earlier than usual and found my mother at home, otherwise I’m still a virgin was
father was then on a business trip or we’re rich family
my mom packed lunch and said she was going to clean up something and take a shower

to this day I’ve never watched my mom in that way as a sexy woman otherwise was a very sexy woman in 40 years with short brown hair mediocre sucking huge buttocks good lines
I had lunch she said she was going to take a shower and to come out with my friends
she went to the shower, I was suddenly very horny because she was in front of me only in panties and bra I decided to peek our heads through the lock in the shower

I tried to see as much as possible but I was not able to see the foot only to have a hairy pussy
tomorrow again as I returned home early again started to take a shower I decided this time again to look at but not to be able to see much through the lock I decided to go to the other side of the house and look out the window
I climbed on a chair and looked out the window and I saw a beautiful woman that I could not imagine that my mother
large buttocks beautiful tits hairy pussy fuck we got up like that They blow

At that point I got carried away and I accidentally closes out the window and saw me I was thoroughly checked and ran off to his room
later he came to my room and did not say anything I thought I might not have seen it said nothing was quiet
I could not have it anymore I went to the bathroom and directed her panties and took them and smelled and nadrkao like never in my life
I came her to clean panties and I put them in the tray to her my sperm gets close to her pussy

tomorrow I decided not to look to me would not notice and it was Saturday, I decided on a little scarce walk around the house
that evening I went out on the town with friends and I quarreled with my girl so I drank a little
when I returned home I was drunk
Ma greeted me was in nekooj nightgown but I did not heed too much but I threw it
and I kissed her on the cheek and said that I love her, she said that she loves me
After that I tried to kiss her in the mouth but refused me and pushed

after a minute of silence everyone is otisou his room and sleeps alone
in the morning I woke up a little earlier and go to the bathroom
I heard a gasp from the mother’s room to see what i had
my mother had stabbed the plastic cock in hairy pussy and shouting my name
I quietly approached her and standing next to her as the Greeks of svsrsvanja
when prubudila cried
Nikola you’re not normal and immediately to cover that is invisible

I am her mother said- I do not know who whose name exclamations while the game vibrator
Those are my private things that do not interest you get out of my room
I refused and I slowly lowered his hand under the blanket and zavalcio
not rejected me that I figured that gives me such support
doso I do drink it is uziknula mmmmm love my mom
Mom explained to me that it can meet but we can not have sex and relationship moro I agree with it

I removed the blanket from her I saw my mom totally naked in front of her
I descended slowly and began to lick her pussy and her juices spilling by Shaggy I sipped her juice and I put her first finger and the second one she enjoyed
at once I include sports like football’s grip around his head and began to convulse and shout to Mommy works

I lay down beside her and scraped himself with boxer shorts and fuck me immediately jumped reach its peak
was about 17cm thick and nice
Mom said mmmm and took him in hand and pulling on shrimp
I am a mom let pitao- please take it in your mouth
She said nothing just came down and took him in the mouth and around the other hand I caressed eggs
It was not long I came and filled her mouth full of education she is getting swallowed to the last drop

NEKON that she lay down next to me and we both fell asleep
when I woke up she was gone, I went to my room on the computer and I was very excited I gazed at some porn with matorkama and drko it
Mom came into the room once I put it in his pants and she saw the look but blew my mind he did not say anything but it took off and came up to me and took off my shorts
she said this is a great sin but they can not do this
pushed me down on a chair and sat her on me and set it to the input pussy and suddenly I felt my dick in her pussy
the most beautiful feeling in my life
she told me that I put the teat in the mouth ciclao her hard nipples and squeezed her arms around them

suddenly came down with me and told me not to finish in her that would not pregnant
knelt in front of me jerked off her him, and climaxed in the face and tits
she said that she was beautiful and that we and this repeat
and repeat this as soon as we were alone at home every chance I have sex with my mom !!

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Hello, here you and I tell a story to,

I have fun with your girl from his high school, older than her 2 years. I like that frajerčić 3 medium and she just started in the 1st We met through a friend and off we went. After about a year pats and groping various places we started sexual intercourse. But it’s not going to talk this story happened for her 18th birthday and me is that sex has remained just a nice memory.

I took her out to a restaurant a little further from the city, we ate trout and drinking wine, the whole time we kissed and caressed. we talked about the future in which she would college and all. she was wearing a skirt to the knees and a shirt vretelice every little mind-fuck her hands on her skirt and caressed her thigh as she really liked, even the legs to spread as far as I can go. Of course, when he encountered a waiter pulled myself. So we sat and talked.
around 22:30 we headed home. while driving she lifts her skirt and all the time I stroked through her panties, which was later moved slightly to the side and fingers delved into her wet pussy, that was a real shock, is not liked much to shave shave a bikini but did not interfere with the liberty hairs over a drink in length. and I loved it. I often teetering on those hairs and played with them.
When we got back to town I asked to park at our place, of course, is hardly met a real horny. that our place was between two buildings was not only lighting is sometimes a pass but we are not and we did not pay much attention to it.
I parked and we started kissing again only fondled her pussy, she took off her panties and threw them on the dashboard, pushed her two fingers and gently mixed, then told her his hand under my shirt and bra, she had big boobs, but as small just fit in the hand, took off her bra and shirt left on it now I have her with both hands mixed saggy tits it’s particularly liked. when I touched her breasts began to tell otkoščava pants, pulled my cock and began to jerk off then I was leaning and it is sage and began to pull in the mouth. I had a wonderful language she was warm and soft. while she smoked I was touched by the ass and pussy. As I lifted her skirt to her buttocks gleamed in the half-light, I think that whoever was watching from the window at the time could see the reflection of her white ass in my car. I told her to go to the back seat, SPST a skirt out and moved to the back seat and I also. immediately lay no seat and I put his cock in her pussy, man, how easy it is entered was so humid, stabbed her and simultaneously we kissed and squeezed her breasts. I was at the end so I took it out to cool a little. she sat down and I told her fingers stroking the pussy, moaning and kneaded my balls. legs lifted all the way to the front seat and I worked my fingers faster when she said “aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well,” I knew that she came. I leaned over the front seat to the dashboard, and told her that I turned butt, she stood fast over seats and in front of me was a perfectly formed ass I told her to get a little bent at the knees for me was too high and did it then I wet dick saliva and pushed him into a pizza, it was so hot, the gorilla, and I was beautiful. I did not even five or six times and threw felt I was going to explode I took the very end I sprayed her legs, I sprayed the seats and I just traveled back to headquarters. She sat down and bit him get away with no hands, wipe it and then we got dressed.

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My name is Marina and I am 15 years old. I’m going to the first grade of high school and I was popular in high school. I have saggy boobs in which all boys are staring and drooling for them, I’m the prettiest in my generation. I have a boyfriend named Mirko. When we meet him only smoke dick, but we agreed that we still do not sleep together.
One Monday in the school approached me trecakinja: “Ee Marina, I am celebrating birthday tonight, and he shows up, right? It’ll be just us little girl will have a good time .. “, giggled. “A gift can you bring me some toys that I would be able to use in a damp and narrow place.” He winked at me. Immediately I felt my pussy wet. “I’ll be there,” I stammered.
Angela turned and ran to the rest of her team. It not only was nice, but her boobs are dominated throughout high school. They looked at me and laughed were. For a great holiday, I went to the bathroom, locked up and stuck her hand in his pants and middle’m stuck in a pizza. “Oh yes it mmm yes ah …”. When I finished, I went to class.
After school I went to the shop with sex toys and I bought one spiked dildo. I wore a thong, a skirt in which you literally could not see everything, transparent shirt and heels. When I was in front of her house I had a handkerchief to wipe the pizza as I was wet. When I walked on the couch sitting behind Angela, Danica, Vanja, Tamara and Milica (the hottest girls in school).
When I entered the angels greeted and postponed my gift. We are moving on the floor in a circle and Danica proposed that we play some games. Kissing games was the first proposal.
Angela was the first: “This bold fota must kiss the person on her right to gum”. She turned the bottle, and she turned to Vanja with Tamara on its right side. First they touched tongues and then they started to creep them … Pizza I instantly became so wet that I need to be set for juices that are chased out of it.
Next fell Milica, who had to remove Angelina pants in the bathroom and she also licks and do pizza hands and tongue. After one minute, the bathroom could be heard such moaning: “Ah daaaaaa tooo, Milica Lick my pussy, ahhhh, it Nabi stronger and fingers .. mmm ahhh that tooo, insert the three” Then there was a second scream and she came.
From toilets first came out Milica who immediately shoved three fingers into the throat, which Vanja them with joy licked ..
Next task was that the photo production has to strip completely naked while the other meets. I watched in disbelief praying to myself that I’m the photo production. When the bottle was turned towards me, I was overjoyed.
Angela started to gobble me off while I was only in heels and a thong. Danica and Vanja snapped me licking and nibbling nipples. Milica brought my gift. They took my underwear to the side and started to shove my dildo in the already very moist pussy. tamara I was licking the clitoris. Angela gave me orders. “If you succeed to take out the dildo from now you’ll get a kiss from me.” “Ah yes tooo mmm yes,” I was gonna throw him out of himself. Angela came over and shoved her tongue down his throat. She brought another dildo and shoved it in my throat to see how I suck your cock Mirko.
“Mmmm, yes ODS, AH SVRSICUUU” I called out, but Angela said she must not stand with 10 “! 10, 9, 8, 7 … 1!” Ahhhh svrsavaaaaam that tooooo … ahhh.
It was the best birthday

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Our mother died when I signed in high school. I was the second of four brothers, lucky, because we had three much older sisters who have replaced us cooking and taking care of the house. But this could not last longer than a few months. The girls had their own families that were a priority, so that under our roof moved grandmother. It’s totally taken over her mother’s role in making sure that we grow up real men.
Grandma had 62 years. Rights from Split, whose skin from constant sun assumed a permanent dark color and a satin sheen. As a result, her sparkling blue eyes even more came to the fore. The small upturned nose and full lips grandmother are an attractive lady in years, but long graying hair, always arranged in a neat bun, fastened by a silver buckle with pearls was revealed her age. Is not it not a beauty for which the men turned, but it was attractive to some old-fashioned, feminine and very deliberate manner. It’s all about grandmother was very formal, ranging from shirts and dresses, tight starched, zapeglanih and canny to the last button.
Every night after a bath sat in her pink terry coat in front of the mirror in my mother’s bedroom – now posatala her – and drank a glass of brandy before bed combing with a long, thick silver hair falls. The door is commonly made leave little otvoenima so
that I knew to look out of the dark hallway until he received the compact and crossed the white powder over the neckline. After these few strokes were over, the ritual is completed and grandmother would extinguished the light and retreated to bed. One would say that the women of these years in the eyes of the snapper old woman, but I remember my grandmother does not remember the context of some serious years.
I was at the age when puberty boys shoot the strongest, full of sexual energy. Jacking at least twice a day, and the presence of any woman resulted in wild fucker fantasies. This is of course related to the grandmother. Occasionally I’ve messed around with girls, but nothing more serious than kissing and pats titties over a shirt.
Emptier I was watching erotic magazine that I kept under the mattress, mainly Penthouse or if he could get American Hustler from street vendors. All night I was jerking painfully keeping the eye on these “older” women.
Once when I got up, he laid on his magazine and spread pussy fucked picture. Dick was my children’s sleek, circumcised and completely flat (For women who are reading – the circumcised dick place where the glans joins the cock super sensitive.)
Received to the large 15 centimetarca between the thumb and the other four fingers zdrkao him to suddenly be filled to ful size, then to tighten the skin all the way at the base of the kite, and the index finger and thumb made ring with which to quickly but gently speeding per head. In this way I have the most powerful and fastest of orgasm watching me cum coming out of the holes and a full belly button.
MILF me so exhausting that I’m sure zaklapao eyes, and even fell asleep a few minutes until I would not wake up cold semen that we ran over the belly. Then he wiped handkerchiefs that I kept in a box on the nightstand and used cast in a small basket under the bed. At the time I thought about it, but my grandmother was the one who always emptied.
One night I wiped with tissue from the back of the box, but tomorrow me on the table waiting for a new, full. Obviously grandmother knew what I needed, but did not mention it.
I was still excited by the thought that she certainly knows what happens to these tissues.
I had a hell of orgasms when they deliberately left slightly ajar door and threw a hand job, imagining how the grandmother hiding in the dark, lustful looks at me and pulls at you huge tits and pinching izbezumljano gray pussy.
Light to guide exactly the horny dick to be good to see from their dark hiding places in which I imagined the grandson horny.
Over the next few months I was more interested in the grandmother’s mature body. Her large breasts, as well as in other grandmother in years, are no longer jutted forward, but more watched the navel. She was always well dressed and impeccably clean and namirirsana. I
I will be in her company, and it seemed she in mine. She told me about her childhood on a Dalmatian island and the various stories about his grandfather that one day he returned from the sea. That woman, my grandmother, I became increasingly fascinated. I looked for every opportunity to be near her, offered to help her with dinner to a small kitchen “accidentally” brush against her racial body.
At night she walked into the house wrapped in a long light coat which revealed nothing, leaving behind the smell of soap. It was terribly tidy in everything she did, so catch it off guard was all but impossible.
And more often than when Grandma went to sleep, I crawled to the bathroom in search of her hand clothing. Huge bra with DD cups would be too large and watermelon. Stroking big cotton basket fantazirajući on her bare breasts, sniffing musk fragrance drink worn with grandma’s underwear. I do not know how many times I jerked off to her underwear. Needless to say, I totally took me Grandma’s sexuality.
One night, when everyone was picked up in rags, I’m stuck until midnight to finish something for the school. When I finally was over, I trudged into the kitchen looking for a decent meal. I was wearing only shorts short of pajamas, pants down, so to me the eggs and kara free klatarili. There was no need to wear something over it because it was very late and there was no chance that someone sees me.
The kitchen was dark, and the light did not want to burn to not wake my grandmother whose room looked us straight to the kitchen and obdvije room had a glass door. The light in the fridge anyway will illuminate everything I wanted to know.
As I looked at the food accidentally I fell to the floor a jar. Fortunately, did not break, but the sound woke grandmother, and the door to her room opened up with a whimper. You heard me. I sat up and stood beside fridjo, slightly inconvenienced because I was almost naked.
“What are you doing?” My grandmother asked me in a whisper.
“Something to eat,” I replied equally hushed voice.
Grandma stood next to me lit by the dim light of the refrigerator dressed only in a transparent gown, white, sleeveless, under emerging from behind her naked body. It was clear that no slips as gentle material failed to hide the dark triangle of pubic rainforests my granny.
“How about a cold chicken?” She asked peering bent on shelves.
I glanced at her. “That or sandwich.”
I did not take my eyes off her rounded hips through which the material is bruised and butt clearly raspolovljivao two juicy hemisphere. I was starting to hurt a hell being so scantily clad; I mean, if it’s not fucked, why me? 246
While I was so fed I noticed how her nightgown dangerous opens the chest. I figured that now I have the opportunity to see good and tits in full glory, ie nudity. I hesitated only a moment before my sexual hunger completely taken over. I pretended to have a look at the fridge, and I actually had an open look at what’s underneath her grandmother’s nightgown.
My penis is immediately lifted. Is it possible that one can not take what’s going on?
The first targets were my tits, milky white balls that are in all his weight pumpkin pouring from his chest to form deep and long cleavage.
As he moved through fridjo the erotic scene uznjihalih breasts completely hypnotized me; marble skin with delicate veins, warts large pink areola, and they themselves thick and protruding like the tops of my palace … and on the border of the udder … dark chocolate skin.
I was swollen in my underwear as last hick. All my fantasies about my grandmother now I saw with my own eyes, and they are not ended with his chest. She saw the cunt, and it very well. Thick hair, curly and long about 3 centimtera were bright and dark brown, with the most expensive fur. It surprised me because I thought that her cunt and gray as the hair, but no, this cunt looked young and fertile, and the bursting of the colors.
I’m a little tilted his head so he could observe the shape. Grandma had an old fashioned muff. He clippers so that her triangle well as a dragon and spread the legs and abdomen where good climbed almost to the navel. The racial gap me blow; dick I roared, it was so blown. And I did not dare to set that we figure out how to watch it and fiddling with whales.
After a period which seemed to me a few minutes and actually it was seconds grandmother turned to my groin, and then he stood up and looked me in the eye. I was caught. I tried to act contrite and I looked at the floor and then I saw what he probably had not missed it. Predsjemena liquid dripped from my fucking holes and created a huge stain on my pajamas. Grandma was quickly put her hand on his chest and repair the hole through which I stared, and I just stood there like a whale blow your shame.
Without a word grandmother closed the refrigerator door. The kitchen is again plunged into complete darkness. My legs were trembling, and although I did not see I knew it still stands in front of me. He was silent. Who knows what she was thinking? Was she mad?
My vision is finally back. Now I could see the outline of her body.
“You’ve been a naughty boy,” she whispered softly, grabbing my arm above the elbow. “You’ve seen my grandmother in her nightgown.”
Totally embarrassed gasped I did. She grabbed my wrist, even approached me and put me up for the second hand and slid through it until he came to the wrists.
“I think it’s time to get rid of thing that happens when I came to this house,” she said, still we are more approaching.
Now I feel my hard nipples of her beautiful chest through her thin nightgown. The sweet smell of perfume and soap with her grandmother’s skin filled the kitchen. “I know what you’re doing every night with magazines that you keep under the mattress,” sensual I whispered in his ear. I flushed and swallowed. Grandma knew my dirty secret. How pathetic!
“Honey, it is normal for boys masturbate to images of beautiful, young woman. How many times a day are you doing? “She asked me.
It shocked me that he asked me something, but at the same time it was during that conversation and something terribly erotic. That you did not secretly watched, I wondered? I told her the truth, “Usually I masturbate at least once or twice a day, Grandma.”
My dick was again awakened. “In the morning when I shower and the obligatory night in bed,” I admitted.
Suddenly I felt a lot better. I realized that I was not angry, but just curious.
“In addition to the girls in the magazines, on what else do you think when you play with him?”
I tell her how to the dust on it? I was shaking with this conversation. I decided to gamble and tell Grandma the truth.
“I imagine that suck your big tits,” I admitted her.
“I even left the door open fantazirajući how are you looking at me when I masturbate,” excitedly told her all betrayed.
Without a word, raised my hands and pressed them to his sisurine. I immediately began to squeeze them while grandmother holding me by the waist with both hands. I have received in each hand, and raised several times, enjoying their weight. Grandma deeper breathing, and when I pulled his hand through the hole in the hands of her nightgown, she began to moan like a kitten. My penis is unstoppable throbbed as I stroked her bare breasts, the object of my desire.
“I watched you every night last week …” he finally whispered between breaths. “When I saw how much you spend handkerchief, I decided to do it … … Every time you jerked off, baby, grandmother and watched from the hall and jerked off with you!”, She said.
“I could not decide whether to somehow mention, I was not sure …. ahhhh … .because I’m sure you like grandma’s whistling … .ahhhh …. “, she was bow-legs.
“Yes, Grandma, I love that big,” I propištao lasciviously squeezing them full surface, and she ohrabrirala with sexy nasty in the ear. I just wanted to hang on to them, as if I were a baby, your granny to suck.
“Can I give them a little tzitzit?”, And I stammered as a child.
Before answering grandmother took her hands off my hips and slid them into my shorts, and one arm clenched her eggs while the other head of the penis. Her hands were so warm and soft, a touch maddening. He really knew how napaljivati man balanced a cut between strong and lightweight balls and carding nadrkavala me movements that me and never did not fall on my head. From it I gushed predsvršotina while her without thinking of jumping on the hands and screwing holes among my grandmother’s fingers that I’d gotten randomly.
“So, sucked his grandmother, dear?” She whispered continue cultivating it.
“Yesss ….”, I whispered najjebačkijim voice that I could squeeze. My mouth was dry, I was convulsed by the accumulated sperm when she said, “Come to my room and we’ll take care of you in the right way.”
Once again pressed by the balls and cock, and I patted her on the breasts before we split up. She took me by the hand and led him to his bedroom, which, as I said, there drito front of the kitchen.
The smell of powder and perfume filled my nostrils. She locked the door. There was something special in the smell of grandma’s skin, hair, bedroom … everything related to it. Something of which they possessed male sexual fever.
I stood in the dark, waiting for Grandma to make the first step. She lit the lamp on the bedside table. “You want to see how my grandmother looks like naked?” She asked as she turned to me and on the lips of her dancing smile. I could only nod as I rubbed polunesvjesno erection and spread her eyes in anticipation of wondrous things.
She opened a drawer in the table, took out a bottle of brandy and two glasses. While pouring liquid gold she said, “I’ll give you to do with me whatever you want, tonight, but … .just tonight! After that we will never mention what happened. Is that clear? “Gently asked me while I was providing a drink.
“Yes,” I whispered answer, trembling with passion and still jerking little over clothes. I watched her sipping on ex spirits, so I leaned so, even though I did not drink so we went harder than her. I baked my body leaving behind the heat. As if I was not excited iovako …
She laughed, took my glass and put it next to the lamp.
“You have been to bed with a girl?” She asked me.
I was ashamed to say that I was a virgin.
“Well … then take your piđamica, lie down with my grandmother to – go”, was all the more careful.
“Oh, do not be afraid!”, Encouraging me. I must have been really stiff and screwed.
As if in a trance I removed the lower part of the pajamas without moving view grandmother over her head was resolved nightgown. My penis was vertical, and her cunt so black … mmmm …
When discarded gown, with surprise I noticed that she had a hair under the armpits. I thought that was really terribly old-fashioned, because Zagreb is now difficult to find and elderly woman from her that can not shave under her hands. It shocked me and what my dick extra knock at the scene of fierce grandmother’s hairiness.
She was so feminine; suck-ass, fragrant, hairy in a sexy way. “Come on, get down there”, tapped her on the bed beside him. Now I noticed that she absorbed my eyes. Of course I did not want to spend out of compassion. I was super fresh piece of meat of a young, and she, although my grandmother, voluptuous female that underneath all the perfume smelled the pure sex.
I listened to it, lay down beside her, turned on its side so that it can still look good and poke with Kara thigh. She put her left hand under my head, picked up another huge breast and aimed it in my mouth, exactly as if breastfeeding.
Hungry I accepted wrapped around his lips protruding nipple and began to pinch the tongue. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, and her grandmother was always whispered “suck grandmother’s shrieks.”
I circled the language of the dark areolas caressing the palms rest breasts while her grandmother moaned with pleasure. A bit more slouched on his side and tit in my mouth replaced right. I started my foot and crush his thigh rubbing my dick on boot.
Agreed to play and cuddle POEČ her butt rubbing it on her naked thighs. I kneaded swollen buttocks by sliding your finger along the furrow that this force meat raspolovljavala two juicy orbs, stopped for a moment and then shyly finger squeezed the dark hairy hole. Gently playing with elderly čmarićem Osul the grandmother’s skin fresh dread.
Her nipple in my mouth was stretched to three centimeters in length. I sucked it as if it daily work crossing fingers through thick fleece overgrown pičišta. For such a thicket had incredibly soft and silky hair.
“You like my grandmother’s hair?” She whispered breathlessly in my ear.
“Yes,” I muttered lasciviously and continued to enjoy the first-class fur.
“Would now shagged my granny, soap?” She moaned when the girl.
Izbezumljivala me a combination of babbling and vulgarity that are expressed. Dear, innocent Grandma … suddenly my tongue uličarskim talked about getting laid. Our Chevy.
“Yes, Grandma,” I replied, “I’d love to fight, but I’m not sure I know how,” which was the absolute truth.
Grandma was on to lay down on your back, raise your knees and spread your thighs. “Just lay back among her grandmother’s feet, I’ll help you, Grandma’s frog”, but lost in passion.
As I crawled puppy in front of her, knelt down and put his hands on her knees. My penis was thick, swollen and harder than ever before. As if he knew he would get laid.
I felt very strongly while I was waiting for a sign, ful ready to jump. Kara bobbing at the very sight of her naked, racial body. Dick me out of the situation by the raging erection that I was sure that there’s no way to ever let down. I pushed him down to the roots and let it bounce again. This makes it even more hardened. Grandma’s eyes were circled as she recorded with lust old bitches. She opened her own thighs Buttery spray hairy pussy consumed in that once upon a time in this world came to my mom.
When I leaned over to lick it and parted the fur beneath appeared pink lips. My nose was filled with pungent experienced sex and soap with which to foster grandmother. It was not clear why some men say cunt smells, the smell of my grandmother’s even more horny. The old lady is not suppressed sighs which caused my tongue to wet, simultaneously sweet, salty meat its bitches. I kept it to settle down, and then he held both hands to his head and rubbed the place that it is the most itching. He slid my tongue until I reached the bottom, which is also a bit salty, but much better than pussy. It seemed to her that this zone is sensitive because it was louder.
“So you’re going to get old lady that ends well, and says he has no idea … mmmm … little imposter!”
While I was having fun with the dark tunnel, I heard that you’re alone with your fingers handles klitać.
I managed ugurnuti just the tip of the tongue to compress the anus and then ran out of air. She squeezed my face with his meaty thighs all the stronger convulsing. The slap of wet pussy was intense and grandmother began to take come with loud shrieking. This I had to see. I pulled my head out of her ass and sat up.
“God, oh! Oh! Oh! You are such a bad boy! “She whispered voice breaking. “Well what do you know so happy old lady, huh?”
I nodded proudly watching her flushed body that is more relaxed than an orgasm.
“Are you ready to put my dick in porn mom?” She asked me as she again spread legs for his grandson.
I replied quickly setting in bangable position. “Just put the hooks, and I’ll lock him in the right hole,” he stammered while I was down on her body.
“My grandmother is very wet, might you and I, and such thick as you are down. Ukliznuo make it easy … .mmmm …. Grandma’s prick … ”
I maneuvered over it still does not descend until GLAVICA (which I naoteknuo to the size of a tennis ball) did not aim pussy. Parted itself under him wetting it with thick juice, and then I felt some sort of natural hollow.
“Now just a butt squeeze down” gently instructed me. I listened to it, and after one or two attempts dick slid between my grandmother’s usminicama straight into pussy. It was an incredible feeling, a lot more erotic than any drkica. His weight I came down to it, enjoying the drill that is disappearing in the wet meat. Only a few times I winced slightly ass, to be sure to stuff the straight, and he has no problem missing the entire length of the grandmother’s warm pizza.
I lay still stuck in the grandmother, pubic hair we are interwoven, and then I glued and chest at her tits spilled. “You like my grandmother’s a pussy, muscle?”
“Grandma, this is a hell of a feeling in the world … it’s great!” Said I unconsciously began to move to more intensified pleasure. It would lift almost all the way, only my head was in it, and then again down to the eggs. At first I was a bit awkward, as the foal Toddler, but then I caught the rhythm and began to mix following the pace of grandma’s hips which nasađivala me. Shaking me tide. Honest. Every time the pubic bone hit on her and heard the slap of the balls on the damp grandmother’s ass I felt like I shook thunder. As well fuck !!!!
Grandma realized I was beside himself with joy fucker, and took my ass and control the growing bump. Weak muscles are still difficult to stop my body went wild; I fucked her like an old mattress. Screaming, crashing, pulling her hair and fuck her without a plan. Just Skako after her grandmother until my legs started to cramp not, asshole squeezed a dick started puking in the old cunt innocent sperm. I thought a thing of only one – the harder you fuck this racial old sow that lay helpless beneath me.
“Again grandmother will finish off”, whined deeply stuck in the mattress. Then I heard moaning somewhere under your pillow, “Ssssssvvvrrršššavvvvaaammmm !!!!!”
Such invasions nursing Starstore me freak out. I knocked at the deepest possible in ocvalu Jebaljka.
“Fire in Baku! Shoot seed in meneeee … .. “l, wrapped his legs around my butt that she would not run away. That we never thought of. Instinctively, I had a crazy urge to just fill it. By the blood I was wedged in her womb, my egg was dark blue of boiling sperm and all tense kicked jet stream for which I had filled under pressure fucker.
Finally I crashed on her, on her brown sisetine. I rubbed her nipples on her.
Dick was still in it, hard as a rock, and even her pizza was not retired 😉
I do not let go, milking him like he loves the old in.
“Did you have a nice fuck grandmother?” She asked gently.
“Ohhhh,” I barely spoke, “the strongest in my life … thank you very much, Grandma …”
I lay down beside her, still stuck in the kitty. I just swung one leg over the grandmother to her fixed, squeezed into it and went to suck while she cuddled and kissed her hair.
My penis was eliminated from grandmother until I fell asleep, leaving us the right puddle of juices and sperm that sheets not manage to absorb …

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At the beginning of the year I was at the wedding of her friend in a small town in the interior. Such weddings are not exactly my fax, but what’s done is done. Her parents are invited frightening many guests, the music was too loud, I did not manage to hear myself think let alone to chat with other guests. I sat next to her friend’s younger sister. It was more than ten years younger than me and pleasant company in a hall full of strangers. The joy lasted well into the night. Sleeping arrangements was to her sister, let’s call it Snezana, and I sleep with some of her friends because she gave way to her room earlier rodjacioma which would be too uncomfortable. We are a younger (it felt good that epithet) went to her friends. We had a coffee with her, tired and retreated to our room. There was only one bed. We quickly took off, showered and ended up in bed. The bed was for one person and we are all the time touching bodies when we were accommodated in the most comfortable position. I felt her warm body next to him, her perfume and her scent. It was unusual for the first time in bed with another person after more than a decade of marriage. I’m heterosexual, and I had no experience with women, however, it was erotic to unusual and for me a new way. Pica I was wet. I held my thigh tightly clenched. Tired from a long day and wine, though I fell asleep. I lay on my stomach. Sometime Snezana leaned back, half climbed to me. I woke up to a sense of how it lies on my tailbone and the pressure on my butt. I was surprised but assumed that she dreams of something sexual while asleep nailed with me. When I was younger, I myself knew that I wake up with a blanket tightly squeezed between the thighs. But the uniform rhythm of its movement is not left me indifferent. And then she did something that I realized I was awake. I felt, carefully pull my shirt to reveal my butt, then her wet hairs that are pressing on my butt. Was Completely aware of what he’s doing. You fucked me! I was not sure what to do. Her friend was in the next room. But I never wanted to stop. So I just lay and pretended to be asleep. Snezana slowly climbed to me, do not hang on the side, now lying in my view, from above. Was becoming wetter, I felt her juices that are rolling between the buttocks. I thought that it leaks like me. She was breathing next to my ear. In fact the more moaning than breathing. I also felt the softness of her breasts on his back. Her nipples were swollen, and her pubic hairs were rubbed on my butt while I was all fucked stronger. I felt that close to orgasm. I myself was excited, and my pizza was leaked a germ swollen. I started twisting my hips trying to press the seed on the mattress, while Snezana rubbing against my ass. Then I made a mistake. I spread my legs to take the comfortable position below it. She immediately froze. I do not know how she could have thought that in spite of everything I still asleep, but now he found out I was awake. He suddenly slid off me apologizing. She’s sorry. She did not want to do it. I turned on my back, my call was throbbing, I did not want to stop now. It has long since I fucked with her husband. I missed sex. And this beautiful girl who was lying on me that was fantastic. I whispered everything is fine, and I enjoyed. She did not answer so I added sometimes rub on the pillow as you now about me, I can so that purpose. He kept silent and then say your ass is like two pillows, that’s so nice. In whatever other situation this would take it as an insult angriest. I know my ass too. And now I melted from the onslaught of tenderness. I sweated from touching her body. The room was hot, so I sat up and took off her shirt. In the dark I felt her eyes on her tits. To do it, I pinched his nipples that still swollen. Then she took off her shirt and villages. She had a much smaller breasts or nipples long and desirable. None of them knew what to do next. We just lay and listened to the breathing of each other, as far snoring father of her friend. He felt the acrid smell of our juices. Both of us were leaked. Plus, we both sweated of desire and unmet needs. We had that purpose. I made the first step. I turned to her and hugged her. She relaxed and leaned against me. I whispered to her that I can koristis place a pillow whenever you want. I have not even finished and she had already turned on his back and sang to me, naked, sweaty and leaked. I felt her nipples on her breasts, and her wet pussy on his thigh. Cure is in my opinion, nothing less humid than me! Again he began to fuck me and her thigh inflammation was between my legs. I started to rub on it. We held each other and rubbed against each other. Not a word we have not spoken. Only we held each other and jerked off wet pussy each other. Both of us were sweaty. We both groaned and the bed creaked as we fucked. That worried me. I grabbed her ass that slow down and to listen and snoring noises of the house. Everything looked the same. Snezala took advantage of the calm to kiss me on the mouth. With the tongue. I lifted my hips pushing the germ of her thigh while she was fucked rapid movements of the tongue. And her hips are resurrected on my thigh, I felt her essence that seemed to have flowed from it. Between our stomach was pasted layer of sweat and her back was slippery with sweat until my arms crossed over them. I broke our kiss and gently pushed her head to the side, and began exploring her tongue earlobe. I sobbed softly in his ear. Her hips became more rapid and the bed started to creak again. I was too busy with her ear that I listened to it now. I started lazim her tongue around her neck, kissing her neck. Snezana relied on his elbows so that I could kiss her neck. I was assumed by her small breasts and gently began to squeeze her nipples. It was crazy! You fucked it all stronger, bed creaked and she sobbed. As I was fucked, her thighs, faster and stronger rubbing against my pussy and pounded on my calls. I felt crazy from having to purpose. Suddenly, Snezana stiffened, and then started shaking as I held tightly in an embrace. I myself was on the brink. She pressed her thigh on my pussy and I hammered on until I exploded. Then we held each other, sweaty and naked, and kissed it. She said she can not believe how strong she come. I smiled and said kjoj me. In the morning we both woke early and immediately hugged. It was so hot in my hands. We started kissing and our legs were very ispreprele. Soon our pizzas were wet and the acrid smell of sex filled the room. We were leaked and sweaty. Her hand reached for my pussy and began to feel. I touched her and touched her call. Once again, we are firmly clung to one another. We sighed and kissed it. Now I came up to her, began to feel bad pizza. I had that purpose, I felt that I’d gone crazy if he does not. I felt her pubic bone, I felt their juices that girls and Snezanu that rubs against my thigh. We did not talk, lust us both overwhelmed and we both knew what we want from the other. Snezana I pinched my nipples. Becoming more aggressive in their kissing and pinching. Suddenly I felt my orgasm comes, they can not take it anymore. I started to shake and bite the pillow that does not scream. Snezana me all along stood firm on the ass. I felt that leak, while choppy ends. She smiled and hammered on the pizza on my thigh. I whispered to no kisses dropped path to her stomach. I rubbed my nose hairs of her wet tongue and then dived into them, all the way to the entrance to Snow White. I spread her legs and breathed in the smell of wet pussy and then bowed her head and lips and tongue caressed her swollen lips, breathed on them, licking the soft thighs, all the time avoiding to touch the seed. One is twisting your hips and obliterated the seed before my mouth but I dived tongue into her and started to fuck it is. I finally pulled the language and dedicated to calls at the same time sucking two fingers in her tight pussy. I did not leave her a seed even for a moment while I was simultaneously fucked fingers. She was so wet! Rammers on my face, kept up to my head and finished in my mouth. After we had some more hugging and kissing, then showered and dressed together. This was followed by breakfast and lunch with the wedding, and my return home. Despite all the plans, we have not managed to see again. #BREAK Girl from the suburbs are all similar to the suburbs. As this is one of the letters. Slum. Houses unpainted. Workers settlement. Because they are a “workhorse” in power then them such “vile” and incorrect. Ha! No. . . So poor clearance by around every corner. Everywhere some tires, troughs and lavori. Weight is dried. Sometimes small decica race out. Occasional slips, falls and wages. The mother comes out and with a magnifying glass butt dragged the child to his apartment, of course, with even bigger shit. Per day in the morning smells disgusting smell a roux or soup sometimes. Yes it gets too much, and it would just ate. Dreary somehow. Sunday mornings can hear the radio. Narodnjaci. Lepa Lukic, Saban, Miroslav Ilic. . . In the evening often fight. Husbands beat women. “Son of your rotten hohstaplersku! What are you gonna do with it? I fumes even giving me her “! She screams. “Mars you old whore, you motherfucker, you fuck!” He shouts with a strong slap. She screams. Sometimes the police come. E bass in such settlements are being born beautiful girls. Like those flowers, beautiful and colorful. The flowers that outlet in distant ravines. In the rocks and wasteland. Some know. Slavica, Branka, Mila. . . really are beautiful. Girls dangerous in the language. Seductress. I met Mira. At a party. Both graduates but from different schools. I high school. Mira from a textile medium. Peace is not a beauty as mentioned ladies but zgodnjikava fish. It’s a little too much swearing. But it burned me. I love the ears. The girl from the suburbs. We became boyfriend and girlfriend. In the evening went out to the movies or to eat ice cream at Bislim. So then, it was. Fridays to the market and bought a watermelon eating. Tomorrow the market and Bostandzije come to take place. It took the “what” to do. Uncle Bora told me that he knows the man at the reception. When you come to be with some girl to have sex, you need to go to the hotel and just wanted to say that I sent Bora. And so it was. We both have given identity cards. The man at the front desk, we all kind of watches. I say: “send me Bora”. He laughed a man, gave the keys. He says: “Mars room colt Borino. You’re just like him. ” We in the room. The hotel is the central category. Two beds. Bathroom. We gaped as if we were in Paris. Mira went to take a shower and pee. I undressed. I stiffened. It was the first time. Peace has long been blameless. I remember I was a couple of times with her. In the suburb. In the kitchen cupboard. The rooms tapestries. Figurines and other kinds of kitsch. Her brother in the military. I met her parents. Mira looks like a mom. “This is John, my boy!” So I was first introduced. Mom and Dad looked at each other. We shake hands. Someone silence. “Children, you make coffee?” She broke the silence in the room mother. Once we arrive, a terrible quarrel. Clinking plates. Mutual curses. When we entered dad is fine. “Oh. . . who comes to us “? As if nothing were not. And coming out of the bathroom Mira hotel rooms. Only white bra and panties. Moisture all. When you saw me naked, “Oh. . . wow. . . what will it be? “she said softly. Little is she confused. She turned and naked undressed. Tingling we glide down the ice. Came up to me and hugged me. I have long wanted it. I saw many boys and girls so. Let the heat overcomes me. “Kiss me,” I said spontaneously. Then we kissed. Slowly kljuckanje. A little bride all over again, and then all the better. It has long been embracing love, naked middle of the room. Wonderfully. And with the language. We love it for quite a while. Some thugs got some porno magazine. This time it was not. There are many girls smoking partner. To me it possessed the. That’s why I said that we Miri smokes. I took a chance. She said: “Sit on the bed.” I sat down. She knelt and buried her head. For the first time, too. She was experienced and that. Suck me for a long time. I hear the slap of her lips. When my cock up, she jerks off a bit. This long, long time. I feel sweet tickling head. Then we embraced again. Her tits are not very large. Butt good and meaty. Lepe has ham. Bake her tits. It feels good. women are sensitive to it. It’s important for them to hear that their breasts were great. I kiss her breasts. “Mmmm.” She quietly. “Come lie down,” I say. She said that no purpose in it already in her mouth. It’s really like. She lay down on the ice and I’m among her legs. She helped me to crawl. Slowly work. She closed her eyes. So I fuck. . . first time. Really. . . fucking girl! Speed up and rally the deeper. It opens your eyes. “Ooh”. . . I’m slowing down, and I do not understand. . . Then retreat to the back, I’m bringing her legs so I can see where it put. Then again penetrate. It is a little blotchy. I have not noticed it before. I do not care I’m in full rush. “Poolak!” She says. He laughs. Slowly, you is quite big for your city. I was surprised! As if I won the lottery millions. I say: “Let Herbs from the class did not want to fuck her. She told me that my dick is small. And he saw him. ” She says, closing his eyes: “This product may only cock to suck.” . . Let’s make love. I look at her tits. Again, kissing. I say that now naguzi over a table. I want her to the back. Had guzim. “Uh. . . well, I do not know. . . with such a “device” that you’ve got. ” I say I’ll be gentle. She bent over. I’m coming back. She takes it and railroading. Cross. Again we start rhythm. I’m picking up the thick cheeks. She was one herself gicnula and crammed. I slowly do. I watch her back from above. And this I pose porn video magazine. “With your” tools “should not be afraid of women,” she says. Muti me. She knelt down and I dumped her in the mouth. Sperm was very warm. I was excited and as in a fire. We kissed in a long and pampered. Likes to kiss. Sam slams. Lips kljucko slowly. Then the language. I kissed her tits and ass. For butt surprised. It’s been a lot of it but one she did not do that. We went outside the hotel. Night has fallen greatly. We were after two more times in the hotel. And there were other places. Crates of her friends or my comrades. It’s been many years since then. I do not know where he is now Mira. I heard as if some guy went to Italy. When Yugoslavia broke apart. Sometimes I roll the car through what suburb. Everything is the same from the outside. Now it’s Sunday and the summer is hot day. Treste Nationals with a radio. Mirin street slowly drive a car. The sun shines on the walls of houses. Summer hot sun. Three well built girls (or girls already) odose to one of the pools. It is not known which of them are under the thin shirt nicer tits. Some new flowers from the suburbs. In the car, my famous song: Girl small pesmo my town